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LUCY - Movie Review

 Title: Lucy
Running Time: 89 min
Director: Luc Besson
Starring: Scarlett Johansson, Morgan Freeman, Min-sik Choi, Amr Waked

The theory that humans use only ten percent of their brain capacity has already been proven false back in the 1980's, and yet, in 2011, Neil Burger's "Limitless" managed to build a highly intoxicating thriller around this exact same myth. Now, three years later, french director Luc Besson tries his luck with a similar premise, but a much more science-fictitious approach. So does his version of the false fact work just as well? Unfortunately, not quite so.
There is a lot of greatness in "Lucy", especially at the beginning. The stylistic choices in the opening scene are extremely clever, and beautiful modern film making. The film in general is very good-looking and has a lot of powerfull imagery and symbolism going on. Despite all this potential however, the film fails to captivate the viewer.
All the science presented is of course totally non-sense, but the actual problem in this movie is probably its lack conflict and characters to identify with. About twenty minutes into the movie, our main character is already kind of indestructible, and so every action sequence (while still looking really cool) loses its thrill as at no point we feel anything to be a real threat to our protagonist. Her humanity disappears without any sign of inner struggle, and since she gained her abilities through something that was essentially designed as a street drug, she doesn't even seem to be special or "chosen". That the other characters in the movie also seem oddly okay with someone basically turning into... well... God, and their lack of character development do not help either. And finally, the flash drive ending is just completely bonkers.
Overall, with some adjustments here and there, Lucy could have been a great sci-fi action thriller, but instead falls flat after a good start. Watchable, and somewhat entertaining, but not for movie theater prices. Catch this one on free TV or maybe as a rental.

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