Dienstag, 9. Dezember 2014

OUTSIDE HOLLYWOOD EP.7 - Marketing, Trailers, Suicide Squad and more...

 Hello there puny humans,
it's Episode VII of our movie podcast and my buddy from B.A.'s Screentest  and I got so excited about that, that we've kinda stretched ou usual length of 30 minutes per part. In the first of these two, we are talking about trailers: What makes a good trailer? How should or shouldn't a film be marketed? What did we think of the Jurrassic World, Terminator, and Star Wars Trailers? All in an interesting 40 minutes:

In the second part we talk in depth about the "Suicide Squad" casting news, as well as our recent reviews and films you should watch:

Hopefully you will find this episode interesting and have as much fun as we do. To me, the part where Björn leaves the room was a new experience for me.

Your Cinemartian

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