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 Hello there puny humans,
it's been wishful thinking, then a rumour, and now it's official: Marvel Studios and Sony are teaming up to put Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!
It's crazy! Release dates are being pushed around and new plans are made, but so far we just know that they try to get the web slinger right there next to Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk and Captain America. Sony will keep control over the character, but has made a deal with Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige, that he will be involved in future decision of the product. Thus, Spidey will probably appear in a MCU film next, and only then will there be a new Sony produced stand-alone movie. Of course this big reveal brings a lot new questions as well:

Will he appear in 'Captain America: Civil War'? Well, I don't know. Peter Parker is featured prominently in the original Civil War comic book story, but production for that movie has already begun and it is not sure if he still fits into the film version Marvel has created.
Will Andrew Garfield still be playing Spider-Man? Nothing is said about casting so far, but there is a big chance that they will recast. Especially, because the Sony movies don't work with the story lines of 'The Avengers' and all the other films. So it's probably farewell, Andrew. It was a short but fun ride. [UPDATE: It is now officially confirmed that Garfield will no longer be Spidey]
How will they tie everything together? That's probably what tons of executive and creative people are trying to figure out since the news broke yesterday. Maybe he will pop in in a post credit scene, or they slightly change his origin and he just gains his powers during one of the upcoming MCU films, or he is just suddenly there.

Whatever will happen, these are huge news. It's the first time that studios are joining properties and so it is very exciting to hear that my favourite superhero is playing in the big league now. However, there are still tons of concerns about wether they will be able to do it just right. So far, Kevin Feige has done a phenomenal job handling all these different characters and I really trust his judgement, but he has quite a challenge ahead of him. Hopefully, this will be the last reboot our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man ever needs!

If you want more information on the matter, check out my friend B.A.'s article about it!

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