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TOP 3 FILMS FOR HALLOWEEN ...from a Horrorfilm-Sceptic

 Hello there puny humans,
if you have followed this blog you might have noticed that I haven't really reviewed any horror films. If you know me personally you might even know that I am not really a fan of the genre. Not only do I think that most horror films often have sloppy scripts and fall back to cheap tricks rather than good filmmaking, but I am also a person who doesn't really get scared. Basements, darkness, ghost stories or being alone at home have never frightened me all that much, even as a kid. Thus, the selling point of horror films has basically always been lost on me from the get-go.* But I guess you have kind of an obligation to do something like a Halloween special as a film reviewer, so I decided to come up with three of my favourite scary movies you can watch tonight (in no particulare order):

Released in 2009, this australien-british horror film is unknown to many people, eventhough it really shouldn't be. Starting off very cliché'd, you think this will be a cookie cutter horror flick, but after about half an hour it catches you off guard and you start asking yourself what's actually going on. It is one of those films you should watch without really knowing much about it, because there are a few possible spoilers. So if you decide to watch this flick I recommend not watching any trailers. Unfortunately that also leaves me in the position of not being able to tell you much more. But what I can tell you is that Triangle is a mystery psycho-thriller disguised as a cheap horror flick, and more complex than most of the scary movies you'll watch this weekend. It has a high rewatchability factor, because you will notice new things even the third time you're watching it. There are quite a few parts where it gets bloody, but they are mostly in the first half of the film. It got 4 out of 5 stars from Empire Magazine, holds 82% at Rotten Tomatoes and it certainly gets my approval.

Screenwriters Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard got together on a weekend with the intention to write a film about everything they love and everthing they hate about horror films. The result is this unique horror comedy (?) that turned the rules of the genre on their own heads. Once again this is a film you should know as little as possible about (I know, I'm horrible), so that you can allow it to surprise you. Just know, that you will be surprised, because if you eagerly expect a very classic teens-go-to-the-woods-and-get-murdered story you might be startled at what you are actually getting. House of Cards' Kristen Connoly and Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth, star in the film, but the real show-stealer is highly underappreciated actor and Joss Whedon regulare Fran Kranz. Once you've seen his performance as the constantly stoned character of Marty, you'll wonder why he doesn't get cast more often. Another thing cinema fans might enjoy is that the film isn't only an homage to horror films, but to the making of movies as well. There is literally tons of blood during the showdown, but the clever and over-the-top script manages to mitigate these images quite a bit. The Cabin in the Woods was definitely one of my favorite films of 2012.

My last recommendation is far less trashy than your standard Halloween movie. On the contrary: Guillermo del Toro's dark fairy tale Pan's Labyrinth is a critically acclaimed masterpiece, and the best proof that thorough, classic filmmaking is usually much more terrifying than simply going for the fast and easy shock value. The reason this film is so great is that it perfectly matches a fantastical world full of creatures and wonder, with a real-life story set during true historic events. This brilliant concept allows the film to send shivers down your spine on multiple levels. The children-eating "Pale Man" (see poster) is creepy enough on his own, and yet the truely terrifying monster is Captain Vidal. A human being with nothing supernatural to him. The film makes reality the most sinister thing and so hardly ever does horror feel more legit than here. I left the movie more haunted than after any ghost, possession or slasher film, but still enchanted by its magic. It is an elaborate piece of cinema with a lot of love for detail. A great story completed with beautiful visuals and del Toros best work yet. A film for the ages.

There you go. These are my personal picks for Halloween. Do you agree or disagree? What are your favorite horror films? Feel free to comment below and share your opinion. I've already been told that The Babadook would have made this list if I had already seen it. So I guess that is another movie watching experience I've got to look forward to. Enjoy your Halloween and have a spooky night!

Your Cinemartian

*Don't get me wrong. I am not fearless. I am extremely afraid of heights and terrified by the concept of death itself, but these fears are usually discussed in other genres like dramas or thrillers.

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