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Title: Doctor Strange
Running Time: 115 min
Director: Scott Derrickson
Starring: Benedict Cumberbatch, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Mads Mikkelsen, Rachel McAdams, Benedict Wong, Tilda Swinton

By now, there is no need to introduce the studio producing this film. Marvel is at it again, reaching deeper into their treasure chest of comic-book characters. This time, they pulled out the arrogant but highly skilled Stephen Strange, also known as the Sorcerer Supreme. He is played by none other than Benedict Cumberbatch, who in the past has played a variation of characters such as an arrogant but highly skilled private detective, an arrogant but highly skilled mathematician, an arrogant but highly skilled whistle-blower, and an arrogant but highly skilled space captain. Yes, you can see how he got the part and even though Joaquin Phoenix had previously been approached for the role, the film makers admitted they always had wanted Cumberbatch. With him on board, the studio is now determined to expand their universe by exploring its magical elements and introducing us to a whole new set of possibilities in order to set up the "Infinity War" story-line. Oh, and of course to establish their main character as someone you will want to follow even when Chris Evans' and Robert Downey Jr.'s contracts are long expired.
"Doctor Strange" is a fun new entry in the long list of Marvel films. Although some of its elements still suffer from feeling very familiar, it manages to bring a lot of new things to the table. Of course we are dealing with an origin story here and so, there is a bunch of standard plot points the movie hits: We start with the hero seemingly at the height of his powers, when an unexpected tragedy hits him, and the man who used to be so full of himself has to adjust to his new situation. During the movie he learns to be less cocky and finally after failing to completely beat the villain, he ultimately defeats him by overcoming his inner demons. It is the exact plot outline of the first "Thor" and "Iron Man" movies. Especially in the beginning however, "Doctor Strange" pulls off a much grimmer tone than its predecessors before it picks up the typical Marvel humor. Cumberbatch manages to own both, the dramatic and the humorous part and thus, makes the doctor a very compelling character.
Furthermore, the film impresses with its outstanding visual voice. The original comic was created in the early sixties. A time where LSD was not only legal but frequently used among artists, and it becomes apparent in this adaptation of the source material. In a good way. If you thought Inception was (literally) breaking ground with its concepts of twisting cities, this movie dares to top that. It is absolutely gorgeous, and when the film makers are done with twisting space, they turn to time and create one of the coolest looking showdowns in a superhero movie in a long while. It's a blast.
Mads Mikkelsen plays a sympathetic villain, and his interplay with Cumberbatch works really well as both actors bring the same level of gravitas to their roles. It wouldn't have hurt however to give his menacing yet charming Kaecilius a little bit more screen time. Another problem lies in the fact that he is "only" a henchman to the real big bad: An enormous, evil space cloud. This kind of villain has already failed to work in films like "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer" and "The Green Lantern". In this movie, they kind of make it work and find a creative version to defeat the monster. Unfortunately they took a quick humorous approach, even though the concept had the potential to bring back the darker tones from the first third of the film and really let them pay off.
At the end of the day however, "Doctor Strange" is a slick new superhero movie that charms you with its awesome visuals and a few fresh ideas. It opens new doors for future films and makes the the upcoming "Infinity War" even more intriguing. Worth the movie ticket. Even with the extra 3D free.

For Fans Of: 
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Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)
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