Mittwoch, 12. November 2014

OUTSIDE HOLLYWOOD EP.5 - Marvel vs. DC, Interstellar, etc.

 Hello there puny humans,
my friend from B.A.'s Screentest and I have recorded another podcast, and this time we changed up the format a bit. Now we have two thirty-minute parts with different topics: The first one is our big discussion about the movie battle between the comic book companies Marvel and DC. Who has the upper hand? Which of these upcoming superhero-movies are we excited for?

The second part is the review part, where we talk about the movies we watched recently (including "The Judge", "No Good Deed",  and of course "Interstellar"!), movies we recommend watching and the most recent movie news (Star Wars!!). So listen here:

Hopefully, you will have some good fun with these audible segments of our blogs and we will keep you interested!

Your Cinemartian 

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