Mittwoch, 5. November 2014


 Hello there puny humans,
or rather AMAZING humans! About a week ago, this blog has reached two-thousand pageviews, which in my opinion definetly needs some celebration. Hitting that mark after only 198 days means that there is an average of ten people that visit this website daily, which is really much more than I would have imagined. Like lots of my projects, this started as a fun little experiment, and seeing that it is so well received is a fantastic feeling!
Granted, some clicks come from myself as I spell-check and make sure everything new works properly, and there also is some weird russian server I got fifty visitors from... it looks kinda dubious. However, every now and then people tell me things like "Yeah, I always read your blog." or "That was a good film, I'd be interested to read your opinion on it." which means a whole lot to me. Knowing that people value my opinion, makes me feel valued as person, and writing these reviews has now become part of my everyday life.
It's tons of fun to watch movies, and since I run this blog I haven't only been going to the theaters more often, but I've been looking at the films more closely. Exploring a film in such a depth, helps me learn more about filmmaking itself as I try to find out why exactly I liked or disliked something. This is awesome and enhances every movie going experience.
So thank you for all your support and for giving me the chance to do this! You are the best! So here's a tiny little something I made for you:

Further, I wanna put some new things on this site: Currently I am working on a "Fun Stuff" and a "T-Shows" segment and I might write a few articles other than reviews. Hopefully you keep being interested, so I can keep talking about movies! So let's see what the next 2,000 views will bring...

With Graditude,
Your Cinemartian!

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