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REBIRTH - Netflix Review

 Title: Rebirth
Running Time: 140 min
Director: Karl Mueller
Writer: Karl Mueller
Starring: Fran Kranz, Adam Goldberg, Nicky Whelan, Kat Foster

Netflix has become bigger and bigger over the last couple of years. So much so, that the streaming service evolved into a production company that constantly delivers new content. Between acclaimed shows like "House of Cards" or Marvel's "Daredevil", you can also find a number of independent films in the Netflix original collection. It only seems appropriate, to pick out one of these productions every now and then, and give them the same review treatment as cinematic releases. First up is Karl Mueller's second directorial outing:
"Rebirth" is a psychological thriller that evolves around the everyman Kyle, a suburban father who works for the social media department of a bank. When he gets a surprise visit from his old college friend Zack, the latter tries to convince him to take part in a wild self-actualization program called Rebirth that is coming up the following weekend. Despite only having these few vague information, Kyle signs up. Soon he enters a bizarre rabbit-hole that seems to lack order, sense and any kind of reasonableness and is more messed up than he initially thought.
The film is certainly an experience. You really get to see the story through Kyle's eyes and thus are just as confused as he is throughout the entire film. Numerous times you will wonder what the hell is going on and will laugh at, be weirded out, or be intrigued by the absurdity of the events. Whether you enjoy this ride or not probably depends on your ability to endure such a cluelessness. Because it does get a little exhausting at times that you don't even seem to get a little bit closer to finding out what is actually going on. But the film manages to pull you back in at a few points. Of course all this confusion calls for a big reveal at the end, and while you'll find the initial explanation of it all a little underwhelming, the film dares to say "but wait, there's more" just a few minutes later. At first I wasn't quite sure if the ending worked for me, but the more I thought about it, the more I liked it and the more it kind of creeped me out.
While the social satire the film attempts doesn't entirely work, the film is still fun to watch. In this regard, it especially benefits from Fran Kranz's sympathetic portrayal of Kyle. The 35 year-old actor has given great performances in films like "Cabin in the Woods" or "Much Ado About Nothing" and especially his comedic chops should be utilized much more by Hollywood. Additionally, the film has a cool visual style as it frequently plays around a little with things like the color pallet or long takes.
All in all, "Rebirth" is certainly not a perfect film, but entertains you well enough. Maybe not a film for watching alone, but I do recommend it for a movie night with a few friends. Because despite its flaws, it sure has the potential to start up a conversation.

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