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Title: Spider-Man: Homecoming
Running Time: 133 min
Director: Jon Watts
Writers: Jonathan Goldstein, John Francis Daley, Jon Watts, Christopher Ford, Chris McKenna, Erik Sommers
Starring: Tom Holland, Michael Keaton, Robert Downey Jr., Marisa Tomei, John Favreau, Jacob Balaton

Cinematically speaking, Spider-Man has had a bit of a rough road for the past decade. After Sam Raimi's first two incarnations of the web-slinger soared at the box office, the series did a huge nosedive with a franchise killing third installment. "Batman & Robin" - Style. But Sony didn't wait long to reboot the series and cranked out two brand-new films, this time with Andrew Garfield in the Spidey suit. The fans however neither liked seeing the all too familiar origin play out the same way again. Nor did they appreciate the convoluted story-line that was very clearly just geared towards fast-tracking an extended universe. So when the films disappointed critics and audiences alike, Sony turned to the mother ship of comic book franchises: Marvel Studios. Yes, the Spider-Man found a new home in the MCU. And although the general public seemed hesitant to get excited about yet another take on the wall-crawler, most people were wooed when they first saw Tom Holland in costume and in action in "Captain America: Civil War". So can "Spider-Man: Homecoming" successfully build on that momentum? Or is the time for Spidey solo movies well and truly over?
It certainly is not! Marvel Studios have proven their sure instinct for their audiences taste once more, because Spider-Man incarnation feels fresher than ever. The film-makers skipped the origin story and  jumped right into Spider-Man's life after the events of "Captain America: Civil War" (awesomely recapped through a "Spidey Blog"). Although the character is send back to high school for the third time in a row, this time the setting is actually part of the story. Instead of having a 30-year-old play a Spider-Man that just happens to also go to school sometimes, Tom Holland really looks the age. Furthermore, Peter Parker actually has to deal with the problems a teenager with superpowers might have. This makes the whole film more personal, something that the comics were always about. Because unlike the Avengers, Spidey is not the one that saves the world from total destruction or fights intergalactic wars. He is a street-level hero. It is not for nothing that they call him the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Marvel Studios understands this, and instead of putting him against some big flashy inherently evil villain, they chose The Vulture: A regular in the comics, that the film-makers made into an equally "small scale" counterpart, with an unexpected connection to Peter. In addition they gave him an origin that does not online tie into the MCU, but also kind of expands it.
But of course we can't talk about the world-famous web-slinger, without also talking about the man who plays him. Because what elevates the film even further is Tom Holland's excellent performance. It is a match made in heaven, as Holland nails both, the Peter Parker and the Spider-Man side of the character. He simply IS the slightly awkward but witty super-hero and to me his casting is almost on a Micheal-J.-Fox-in-Back-To-The-Future-Level kind of perfection. Not only does he hold his own opposite of Robert Downey Jr. (who is much less in this film than I had feared), but he sells every single emotion. He's cocky, fearful, awkward, frustrated, insecure, fascinated, lovestruck, and fully embarks in the roller coaster of feelings that a teenager has. As a long time fan, it was pure joy to finally see a movie version of this character that seems like he jumped right out of a comic-book.
There is an argument that can be made that Sam Raimi's classic version was a more serious movie with a little more gravitas. And it is true that this incarnation is a little lighter. But with its 80's comedy vibe, well-rounded story and absolutely fantastic lead actor, there is no doubt this Spider-Man film is an immensely entertaining motion picture. It knows exactly why its main character is so appealing and utilizes this to its full potential. A blast for every Marvel fan and an definite must-see for every Spider-Man fan.

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